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Satisfied Owners. Happier Horses!

"All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better."   
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

My 15 year old mare and i started riding with Carol about 6 months ago. 

Over the last 30 years I have ridden in the hunters, and throughout all my years of riding, I always knew there was something missing - that there was something I wasn't "getting". 

I knew I didn't have the right tools in order to be competitive in the hunter ring, and I didn't know what to do next. 

Fortunately, I was introduced to Carol, and with her unparalleled instruction, I am learning how to feel my horse underneath me; to know if I am balanced and if my horse is balanced; and I am learning how to make the necessary corrections in my riding.

Carol is an extremely effective, compassionate, positive and GIFTED instructor, and if there is something  I don't understand, she quickly finds another way to communicate with me until I get it.

Carol genuinely enjoyed teaching. Her lessons are fun and rewarding, and my horse is so much happier! 

Many times during my lesson I find myself almost giddy - so delighted to be learning and finally feeling how it is supposed to feel when one rides correctly!

I am so grateful for Carol's encouragement and support, for her commitment to teaching, and for creating a space where I feel hopeful again.

Janet  - Durango, Co

On my own, I wasn't making progress in my dressage training with my mare like I had hoped. A friend recommended Carol, saying she could really help bring out the best in my horse and myself without pushing either of us beyond our physical (or mental) ability. Over the next few months of working with Carol, I saw fantastic results - my mare and I were able to qualify for and compete in the USDF Region 5 Dressage Championships at First Level in the Adult Amateur division, placing 10th, as well as the RMDS First Level Championships, placing 3rd, and were Reserve Champion in First Level in the AWSSR All Breeds Awards in the Open division, and Champion in the Adult Amateur division. We would not have been as successful as we were without Carol's guidance and skill set. The combination of Carol's Masterson technique applied to my mare, and the instruction in my lessons has really helped us put together the pieces to improve both my ability as a rider and my mare's athleticism and physical and mental comfort. I'm very much looking forward to this next year to see where Carol can help lead us in our dressage journey.


Rachael M. Bayfield, CO

Carol has been immensely helpful to both me and my mare. She is succeeding in bringing out the best in my horse and,  in her patient yet firm and encouraging manner, bringing me along as well. Carol presents a nice balance of “academic” explanation in the principles of classical foundations for strengthening skills in both rider and horse  — and in getting “the feel”.   Although my personal emphasis is to “get out of my head” and into the feel, I appreciate the intellectual understanding as well. Carol’s calm and very “in the present” personality (with capacity for humor) is most helpful also!  [To note - the Masterson method is proving an added plus in working with Carol, as both my mares have shown benefit from that intervention- and saved me from need for vet consultations.]

 I am so very grateful for her assistance and always enjoy my time with Carol.

Kathleen - Durango, CO

I have come so far in the few months I have been working with Carol; she's taught me things I thought were complicated in just minutes. She has a way of explaining things to make anything sound simple. She is not only the best instructor I have ever had with horses, but she is the best instructor I have ever had for anything.

- Hannah W. Age 14—Farmington, NM

My daughter, Hannah, has been a working with Carol since April of 2018.  My younger daughter recently began working with Carol as well.  My daughters have had a few instructors over the years.  Carol is—hands down—the best riding instructor they have ever had.  Carol’s effectiveness is a result of her extensive knowledge and ongoing training combined with exceptional communication skills.  She is a very active instructor.  While she communicates through a headset throughout the lesson, she uses not only language but visual examples of what the rider should do.  As I watch the lesson, Carol will have the student stop, watch her demonstrate what they are to do, then practice what she has demonstrated.  Carol is incredibly effective.  Everything she has taught my daughters has been very effective when they practice at home.  It is not infrequent for me to hear them say, “I wish I would have learned this sooner.”  I cannot adequately express my gratefulness for having met and had the opportunity for my daughters to work with Carol—she is an outstanding instructor.

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