No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle
~ Winston Churchil

NMD MAY 1292
Lilo Fore

"Competitive riding should be classical riding at its best."


- Charles de Kunffy

Carol is a USDF Certified Instructor through Second Level, a USDF L Graduate and has her Bronze Medal as well as other Performance awards.

She grew up in St. Charles, Illinois and had the pleasure of calling Lamplight Equestrian Center home where she was a working student for many years. She began riding Hunter/Jumpers at the age of 12, and transitioned into Eventing- where she found her passion for Dressage. She was competing in 2nd level by the time she was 14, and began teaching beginner lessons at age 16.

 She has been fortunate to train with many notable trainers, such as: Conrad Schumacher, George Morris, Bodo Hagen, Anita Wright, Betsy Steiner,  Sarah Martin, Beverly Rogers,  Natalie Lamping, Radu Marcoci, George Theodorescue, Lilo Fore, Jennifer Hoffman, Nick Wagman, and Kathleen Raine along with others.

 Carol believes that riding is a lifelong learning process that promotes constant evolution and growth. She uses a holistic approach to riding and training, incorporating the horses physical and mental well-being to make sure training is positive and rewarding for both the horse and rider.

 Carol is a certified Masterson Method Practitioner (MMCP). Since starting the program, it has enabled her to approach horse training and instruction from a whole new perspective. It has improved her eye on the ground, as well as her feel in the saddle for issues and limitations that need to be addressed. Horses are such stoic creatures and do not complain when they are hurting, and many times we do not fully understand why we are having training issues.

 Horses have always been Carol’s therapy, her teachers, and her best friends. Carol has amazing clients of all ages and disciplines, some who love to go to shows, and some who just enjoy Carol’s help in building a partnership with their equines.

"Once a mind has been stretched by a new idea, it never returns to its original shape."

Oliver Wendell Holmes